Our customers believe in FRF for :

• Quality Equipment: new equipment and TOP maintenance gives our customers the ideal equipment at every site.

• Consistent product line so you’re not guessing what to expect at YOUR site.

• Prompt Service – same or next business day delivery.

• Experienced and PSAI Certified Service Technicians for perfect service.

• 25 years of portable sanitation experience. 

• Customer service from attentive, personal and trained professionals, not a recording.

• Quotes provided in real-time or next business day. Your time is precious & we respect that!

• Advanced routing & fleet software provides accurate ETA’s and enhances our technicians performance.

• Our customers will always receive an emergency phone number for after hours or weekend needs.

• We are proud of our Environmentally Friendly Green Practices, too!

• We only use Environmentally safe and biodegradable chemicals.

Each and everyone of our restrooms undergoes a 20-point inspection prior to leaving our facility. 

FRF 20-Point Maintenance Process: 

1. Notate serial number of restroom for inventory & service accountability.

2. Document any damages to the restroom (i.e. structural, cement, graffiti)

3. Clean exterior walls, face and roof with disinfectant soap and water.

4. Clean interior walls, face, urinal & roof with disinfectant soap & water.

5. Flush waste tank with water and pump tank completely dry.

6. Check vent screens for cracks and missing rivets, replace if necessary.

7. Check waste tank vent pipe for damages and replace if necessary.

8. Check plastic corner molding for damage and missing pins/caps

9. Check the toilet paper dispenser for damage, repair/replace if necessary.

10. Check urinal for beyond normal wear & tear, repair/replace if necessary.

11. Check hand sanitizer dispenser functionality, mounting & replace gel.

12. Check toilet seat/cover mounting, repair/replace if necessary.

13. Check to ensure toilet basin is properly secured to 3 walls & vent pipe.

14. Check base to ensure skids & cross members are secured properly.

15. Check interior walls for blemishes, re-paint or replace wall if necessary.

16. Check door handle to ensure properly fastened, repair/replace if needed.

17. Check for FRF Decals on exterior walls/door, replace if necessary.

18. Supervisor review of completed maintenance & approval for delivery.

19. Technician stocks supplies, dispenses deodorizer/water in to waste tank.

20. Technician wipes down restroom, notate serial number for quality control.